• BCIL’s – Plant Tissue Culture Programme

    Tissue Culture for Progressive Agriculture

    Industry Participatory Program

    BCIL wishes to extend various support services to tissue culture sector for accelerated commercialization and better sustainability of tissue culture units

  • Objective

    1. To function as a global platform for promotion of plant tissue culture andallied areas with special emphasis on Indian Plant Tissue Culture Sector.

    2. To strive for strengthening of plant tissue culture sector and significantly contributing towards Sustainable Agriculture and upliftment of the farming community.


BCIL Initiative

In spite of various programmes and subsidy schemes, a number of tissue culture companies were closed during last two decades due to technological and skill gaps necessitating the need for a comprehensive approach for promotion of the Plant Tissue Culture sector.

BCIL envisages to create Technical Platform for Indian PTC Sector towards offering key support services.

  • Producing Quality Stock Culture

    • Key to the success of plant tissue culture process.

    • Importing stock cultures are expensive and require lots of procedural formalities

    • Establishing cultures in-house requires significant inputs of time, energy and resources

    • Long overdue demand of tissue culture companies for sourcing of quality stock culture

    BCIL will provide cost effective and quality stock culture to tissue culture companies very soon


Coming Soon......

Utility Software Application for implementing System


A Robust Utility Software for Implementing SOPs and Comprehensive QMS

Record Keeping



A unique cost effective and user-friendly software for ensuring easy compliance with Quality management System

  • Quality Audit & Support Services

    • BCIL assists companies in preparing them for facing the final audit of certification bodies

    • Troubleshooting/ third party auditing to streamlinethe production process

    • Audit report and follow up action helps insustainable business operations of tissue culture companies

    • Support services are also extended on nominal monthly fees for enabling them to match up to national standards

  • Information / Awareness Programmes / Events

    • Crop specific technical brainstorming programmes will be organized

    • Opportunity for networking/ linkages with institutional collaborators

    • Knowledge sharing/ information about new technologies

    • Organising stakeholders meet for creating awareness on recent developments in Tissue Culture Sector.

Consultancy Services

Coming Soon......